Transparent Packaging Tape

Machine Application (long rolls) and Hand Held Application

Product 819

Self adhesive tape with polypropolene with a water based acrylic adhesive. This tape has a high resistance to ageing caused by light sources and excellent performance during high and low room temperatures. It is free from organic solvent.

Product 813

Self adhesive tape with Polypropolene backing and synthetic rubber adhesive. The particular aggressive nature of the adhesive, together with the elasticity and brilliance of this film, make it suitable for all applications in the packing sector.

Product 814

Traditional self adhesive tape with natural rubber adhesive base in solvent, suited for use on hand dispensers and automatic carton sealing machines. The adhesion and elasticity characteristics, together with the brilliance and transparency, typical of Polypropolene films, make it ideal for all applications in the packing sector. Particulary suited for use at low temperatures.


Product Type of Backing Type of Adhesive Film Thickness Adhesive Thickness Total Thickness Breaking Load
 819    Production Grade Transparent BOPP Water Based Acrylic 28 24 52 10N/CM
813    Production Grade Transparent BOPP Hot Melt 28 18 46 43N/CM
Production Grade
Freezer Grade
BOPP Natural Rubber
28 18 46 43N/CM
Printable BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes
PVC Printable Self Adhesive Tape

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