Random Sidedrive Automatic Carton Sealer (RS)

RS Series

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The RS Series Semi-Automatic Random Tape Carton Sealers are built for speed and rugged dependability. With these systems, random sized cartons are handled with ease whether your application needs call for a low profile top and bottom sealer or a heavy duty work horse.

Machine & Carton Specifications
  • Power Requirements: 110 Volts 60 Hz

  • Air Requirements: 80 psi, 5 cfm

  • Speed: Up to 25 cartons/minute

  • Tape Head: Standard: 2, Available: 3 or 6

  • Shipping Weight: 318 - 600 lbs

Model Machine Carton Range Cartons/Min. Shipping Weight (lbs.)


2" tapehead

(42.8) x (34.6) x (57.5)

(6.0-U) x (4.5-21.6) x (3.9-20.5)

Up to 25



3" tapehead

(42.8) x (34.6) x (57.5)

(6.0-U) x (5.5-21.6) x (3.9-20.5)

Up to 25


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