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Anchor Technical Tape is a market leader in the self-adhesive and specialized tape industries. We are a specialist importer and convertor of pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes.

High Tack Under Surface Printed Tape

SP52 Self Adhesive Tapes

SP52 is an extremely strong tape with a high tack, solvent free adhesive. This tape is highly recommended for the food manufacturing industry as well as for freezer grade applications.

This tape can be branded and personalized to suit your requirements, using Under Surface Print Technology. Your print is “sandwiched” in between the film and the adhesive. The print is therefore protected by the film and adhesive and will not scuff, rub off or degrade in print quality.


10 Reasons to buy an Anchortape Carton Sealer

The engineered Quality of Anchortape’s carton sealers will assure
that you benefit from years of Innovation and Customization expertise.


Anchortape’s line of High-Speed Carton Sealers can increase your sealing rate up to 1.5 times.


Carton Sealers only apply one strip of tape on the top & bottom of the box eliminating the extra cost of tape when manual laborers place 3 or 4 strips of tape per box.


Going from 3″ tape to 2″ tape with quality tape and automation could be a possibility.


Read more on the 10 reasons that will help you become more efficient, operate more safely, cut costs, and maximize your profitability.

Manual sidedrive Dual Mast Carton Sealer

MSD Series

The MSD Series is a Semi-Automatic Uniform Tape Carton Sealer and is our most popular operator-fed adjustable carton sealer. The MSD is a top of the line machine, designed to suit a variety of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications. Using side belt technology, the MSD will seal very narrow to wide cartons. Dual telescopic masts allow for an extra 4″ carton height extension on the upper assembly.